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Student Massage

All massage therapists start in the same situation. We aren't born with the ability to help heal our client's chronic pain, but over time we gain enough intuition, through our education and through hands on experience, to improve the lives of our patients. 

We have two students at our clinic who are looking to gain experience in the field they are passionate about. Both of our student massage therapists are currently in their second year of school to become fully qualified 2200 hour therapists, but they need all of our help! They need hands on experience, just like we all did in the beginning! 

Please check out our very competitive student pricing program, and a list of insurance companies that will accept claims for massages done by 1000 hour therapists. Green Shield is currently the only company that offers direct billing, but many companies allow you to manually submit the receipt yourself. If your insurance company is not listed below, they currently do not accept claims from 1000 hour therapists.