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Kua Lua - Hawaiian Back Walking

This technique incorporates the inner wisdom of ‘feeling’ the body with your feet as you would with your hands. Feeling through the layers of the body, working on specific areas of discomfort or to help someone simply relax & align.

Why Would Feet Be Used To Administer Massage?

Feet have a larger surface area to cover more tissue. This results in a greater ability to apply pressure without tissue breakdown after holding for extended periods. The feet are used to compress and flush tissues; therefore, increasing circulation.

Who Will Benefit From Kua Lua?

These techniques are ideal for chronic lower and upper back pain, mild scoliosis or sciatica, physically fit individuals, larger clients, athletes, and those who can never get enough pressure in a massage. Clients seeking  improved posture and movement, pain relief and a state of well-being will love this work.

Kua Lua Lomi Lomi also addresses tight or painful muscles including;

  • hamstrings

  • calf muscles

  • quadriceps

  • tight IT bands

  • tight forearms, etc.

Clients with laminectomy, lordosis, kyphosis, fusion or rods can often benefit as well.


  • Pregnancy or until 10 weeks post natal

  • Skin infections or ulcerations

  • Recent Lasik or eye surgery

  • TB, thrombosis, phlebitis, varicose veins, aneurysm, kidney disorders, hemophilia, severe osteoporosis

  • Clients on blood thinning medications or medications that inhibit sensation

  • Uncontrolled high blood pressure or diabetes

  • Recent injury including broken bones or fracture, hematomas, bruises or conditions in acute stages